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Wednesday August 24, 2016


Member since: March 10, 2012
Last visit: April 18, 2012
Name: Geno
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Location: Rantoul (ILL)
Country: United States
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03/14/12 @872
Hello, i am a disabled military veteran that is in need of financial help. I have 3 special needs children and have lived in my house for 15 years, because of the economy, i have not been able to find work and live off of my disability check from the VA. My mortgage payment was reduced for 2 years with the understanding that i catch-up all payments. I have not been able to catch-up any payments and i am now in foreclosure. The problem is i also have my grandmothers house on my mortgage, so that means that i will lose my house and my grandmothers house. I have tried everything including selling just about everything of value that i own. I am pleading for a hero to step forward and help my family get out of this situation. I am currently behind twenty one thousand and am praying that someone somewhere will come forward and help my family stay in the home and help my grandmother stay in her home. Please, please, please, i will do anything for anyone if someone can PLEASE help me. please help or email me at I will do anything or go anywhere for someone if they can find it in their hearts to help us. I have 3 special needs kids who are very good and polite and need help so they do not put us on the street. PLEASE HELP.. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Is there really a hero out there? If someone can' or wont help me will they at least help my grandmother so she does not lose her house too. I you can help we also set up a paypal acount so you can send any amount to on paypal's website. Thank you.
03/10/12 @987
Hey, Here is a real bad one in need of your help.

I hope you grant this wish.

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